(Xinhua/Zhang Yu) h


ocusts in KI


T〓he desert locust, which can travel 150 km in a single〓 day, is deemed the most devastating of locusts. A sm〓all swC


arm covering one square km can eat the same amo〓unt of food as 35,000 people in a day, said the Unite〓d Nations Food h


and Agriculture Organization (FAO). "T〓he situation remains extremely alarming in Kenya, Eth〓iopia and Somalia where i


widespread desert locust infe〓stations and a new generation of breeding threaten fo〓od security and livelihoods in the region," it noted 〓Tuesday. The locusts most recently invaded South Suda〓n from UgandB

a, and the South Sudan government is seek〓ing funds worth 20 million U.S. dollars for chemicals〓, sprays and personnel to counter the locust invasion〓. The Horn of Africa is faced with unprecedented chal〓lenges of food security and economic development, wit〓h a humanitarian crisis loomiC

ng ahead. The FAO has ur〓ged immediate, adequate countermeasures and intensifi〓ed international efforts. A swarm of desert locusts 〓invade parts of Mwingi Tow7

  • n in Kitui County, Kenya, F〓eb. 20, 2020. (Xinhua/Zhang Yu) EAT AWAY HOPE The loc〓ust outbreak is the worst in 70 years in Kenya, and t〓he worst in 25 years in So5

    malia and Ethiopia, wherb

  • e t〓he insects bred before spreading to Kenya and other c〓ountries. In Kenya, locust swarms were seen to move l〓ike huge dark clouds before desR

    cending on farms, nibb〓4

  • ling away pasture, maize, khat, cowpeas, beans and ot〓her crops in hours. Areas like Mandera and Isiolo in 〓the north, and Tharaka Nithi in central Kenya, were a〓ttacc

    ked again after aerial c9


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hemical pesticides sprayi〓ng. Although the i

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government has sprayed pesticide and〓 otherI

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chemicals on a wide range of areas in orderZ

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to〓 curb the locust outbreak, at least 18 7

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of Kenya's 47 〓counties were affected. Kell1

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o Harsama, the administra〓tive secretary heX

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ading the State Department for Crop 〓Develol

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